6 stretchings by Masunaga - Makko Ho

These makko ho stretches should be performed in a smooth continuing movement. They can be repeated up to three times without interruption. The goal of these stretchings is to allow the life force energy to flow through your twelve meridians, by stretching them. Every movement harmonises the energy of two complementary meridians. If you do the stretchings in the morning, you will feel this is an energizing start of your day.

Stretching of the lung- and large intestine meridian - element metal

masunagashiatsu zen shiatsu While breathing in, you stretch your arms, neck and head upward, towards the cosmos.

As you breath out bend your body forward, as deeply as possible and stretch your arms behind your back, and hook your thumbs together. Look right in front of you. Come back in the first position.

This stretching activates the lungs. It also activates the large intestine. This one is needed for elimination and transformation of nutrition in the human body.

Stretching of the stomach- and spleenmeridian - element earth

shiatsu back massage shiatsu zen

Sit in seiza position. While breathing in, stretch your hands and arms above your head.

Breathing out, lower your body backward, without lifting your knees. Lean on your arms and hands.

This stretching stimulates the functions of the stomach and the spleen-pancreas, this means the pre-digestion and the assimilation of food.

Stretching of the heart and the small intestine meridian - element fire

shiatsu exercise While breathing in, sit with your soles together, pulling them as close to your body as possible. Hand grabbing your toes. Back and head straight.

Breathing out stretch your trunk forward and bring your head and elbows as close to the ground as you can. Your behind stays on the floor. You can strengthen this stretching by hooking the elbows behind the shin-bone. Hold. Return in sitting position.

The heart receives, chooses, communicates.. The small intestine devides the pure from the impure.

Stretching of the bladder and the kidney meridian element water

shiatsu masunaga While inhaling, sit in a close, legs stretched position, the trunk, neck, head and arms stretched upward.

Exhaling, you bend forward and bring your hands to your feet and your head to your knees. Try to touch your feet (pull your toes). Hold and return to the sitting position.

The kidneys are containers of vitality.
The urinary bladder purifies the body.

Stretching of the tripple warmer and the pericardium - element fire

shiatsu therapy Sit down and while inhaling, place your heels as close to your hip as possible (lotus position) Stretch your upper body upward and inhale.

Exhale and bend forward while your arms cross and you push palms against the inside of your knees.

Repete and make sure the other arm is in front. While doing this exercise, try to lower your head as close to the floor as possible, without lifting your behind. Hold the stretching for a moment. Come back into sitting position.

This stretching protects the heart, enhances thecirculatie and regulates the body temperature.

Stretching of the liver and the gall bladder meridian - element wood

reiki shiatsu While inhaling you are sitting, legs widely stretched. Upper body and arms are stretched above your head.

Exhale stretch the left side. Repete and stretch the right side.

The liver has to do with future plans, defense and works as a detoxifier. The gall bladder has to do with decisions and forming opinions

Stretching of the spiral energy

massage shiatsu
You change from sitting position in squatting. Draw the heels all the way against your hip and lean on your hands Unroll your body, starting with your feet. These are flat on the floor. Put your encles right. Stretch your knees. Unfold your body feeling every vertebra unfold, your head and arms stay down as long as possible. Unfodl the neck, till the head is straight and stretch your arms and head to the cosmos. This way, you can start off with a new set of stretchings.


Video of the stretchings

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Basic meridian strekking

Advanced meridian stretchings

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